Our focus is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency as well as cost-reduction, thus enabling the customer to concentrate on its core business activities.


The continuous effort of identifying, attracting and screening potential employees didn’t really exist 10 years ago. Nowadays, with a rich supply of job seekers beating down HR’s doors, the dilemma is how do you separate the best prospects from the noisy pack – a tremendously time consuming burden on a company’s hiring resources. The prevalent situation led us to a brainstorm which then alluded towards yet another vertical, ‘Temporary Staffing’ (commonly known as temp staffing). It is now used by our clients to optimize the staffing costs substantially.

Our innovative Staffing and HR Resources solutions are tailored to enable organizations meet the challenges of today's fast changing business environment. Our consultants are highly skilled and well versed in particular industry sectors enabling them to have a thorough understanding of the assignments.

We help clients by sourcing staff, sometimes at a very short notice. We help them further by solving co-employment issues and providing the administrative management of our temporary employees, including HR management, payroll & benefits administration. Also should you decide to engage the temporary on a permanent basis, we have the conversion scheme.

Payroll Managed Services

Inwit offers the most efficient corporate payroll services. In the HR spectrum, Payroll management is an indispensable service that requires rigorous quality adherence, agility & a high degree of planning. To maximize your company’s gains – our payroll unit offers error free payroll processing through a customized Employee Self Service (ESS) & facilitates employee interaction and client Self Service (CSS) through a secured web network.

Our team of practitioners handles re-imbursement processing, full and final settlement processing, preparation of salary slips, PT, PF, Contract Labor, ESIC and LWF.

Our clients benefit from consistent payroll processing, customized customer engagements to handle queries and complete data security. Administration Benefits

Inwit aims at providing a comprehensive suite of HR outsourcing solutions focusing on client requirements. To manage significance employee benefits investment in today’s competitive business environment is the key to any organizations success. We at inwit, assure our best services ensuring results expected from these benefit plans increasing manifolds.

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